Advanced enlarging of your own BLACK/WHITE negatives

Instructor: Jochen Rohner
Date / Time: Friday 02.06.2023 3pm-7pm •
Location: Laboratory Jochen Rohner •
Number of participants: max 6 •
Costs p.person: 90€ / 72€* •
Material costs: 20€ p.person •

Advanced enlarging of your own BLACK/WHITE negatives (fibre-base paper, barite paper) This course is aimed at people who have already enlarged images from their own negatives in the darkroom and now want to move to the next level. The basic knowledge of photochemistry and the function of aperture and time and graduation should be known.

Bring examples! And bring your own SW negatives to enlarge.

The aim is to be able to develop your own photos professionally and without errors and to be able to recognize errors yourself.

(*) Reduction is possible for the severely disabled, pupils, vocational school students, students, trainees, pensioners, the unemployed, BFDler and FKJler