Lecture: Slow Händwörk in de Atteljäh änd in de Dunkälkammer

Lecturer: Antje Kröger
Date Time:
Location: festival site

Oh three hearts beat between my breasts. Heart No ONE: The Storytelling, Heart No TWO: The Light and Composition Crazy, Heart No THREE: The Craftsmanship.

Aesthetics that reach into a time that was even slower – I always try to create this in my pictures. When slow living was not just a phrase for reflection and inner contemplation, but an inevitability of every life. My work is a slow process anyway. It takes time to feel the person in front of the camera. This time also gets the craft, my third heart. Slow handwork in the Atteljäh änd in the darkroom! Each sputum is an artifact, marked by cracks, shadows and blurs. Imponderables that take the control away from the creator of the picture, but in return the result is flawed in the untrained and unfree eye, but gives the wide field of vision freedom of interpretation and attraction.
The material requires similar attention as subject, composition and light. Balancing all of this is a slow learning process in which patience and commitment to the process of creation can create a multi-sound that resonates longer. The allure of the rugged, the twists and turns that can only be influenced to a limited extent, the questions of the ambiguous. Bringing ambiguities to light is what I would like to devote myself to with my analog photography.


Why master the analogue craft?
Why improvisation promotes a leap in quality?
What role do coincidence, decay and time play?
Where do all the materials come from & are the costs for analogue photography still affordable for artists?
What does long-suffering, waiting and learning feel like?
What do mistakes, mishaps & unpredictability mean?
How harmful are chemicals to me and my environment?
Why is there ever a fire in the large format camera?
Why is it worth lugging around analog technology when the best camera is said to be the one you always have with you?
What are analogue/digital remixes?