Demos & Presentations

We at analogueNOW! have prepared a selection of analogue projects, demos and presentations for you! Talks and practical demonstrations will take the stage at the B.L.O. Kantine and show us what they’ve been up to. Be excited! 

Saturday, May 18th 2019

10am – 10:30amPaper Exposer App
10:30am – 11amLegograf Jens Werlein – Lecture
11am – 12amHeiland Electronic – Splitgrade Demonstration
12am – 12:30amChristian Klant (Wet plate)
1pmWet plate Live Shooting
10am – 6pmCamera Minutera

Sunday, May 19th 2019

12am – 2pm
Legograf Jens Werlein – Demo
2pm – 4pm
10am – 4pmCamera Minutera

Paper Exposer App
Turn your camera and your phone into a enlarger for less than 35€ mit dem Paper Exposer App and Adapter. Their inventor Jakub Kotrc shows us how!

Legograf Jens Werlein – Lecture & Demo
A large format camera made out of legos? Yes! And it’s not the only format! Jens Werlein shows us his Lego Cameras and how to build one yourself.

Heiland Electronic – Splitgrade
Heiland Electronic produces the definitive system for the printing of high quality black and white photos on multigrade paper. In their demo, Jürgen Heiland shows how to use the Splitgrade system for a faster and more accurate work in the darkroom. Register by sending an email to Find the official invitiation here.

Christian Klant – Collodion Wet Plate 
Invented back in 1851, collodion wet-plates are still one of the most fascinating alternative processes in analogue photography. Our expert Christian Klant not only gives a talk, he also celebrates a live shooting with his huge 16×20″ camera!

Camera Minutera
Call it Afghan box camera, Kamra-e-faoreeor camera minutera, this is a device to behold. And the experience of being portrayed by it, is something you shouldn’t miss out! Don’t worry, analogueNOW! and Camera Minutera Berlin give you the chance this Photo Weekend 2019!

Schlomographische Aktion Berlin- GÖTTERSPEISE (AMBROSIA) – The Schlomographen show their home-made, edible photo lenses in different flavors. With which they will take portraits on black and white instant film. Each proband receives his/her original image and the lens used (if desired, for inmediate consumption). As always, with authenticity seal and signed.