Do you have a project on film or in any way related to analogue photography? Would you like to show it live? This is your chance!!! Join our Show&Tell at analogueNOW!’s PhotoWeekend 2021!

What is Show&Tell?
Analogue photographers and artists come together and present their projects to the audience. Whether as prints on the table, fanzine, photobook or projected on the wall, everyone gets 20 minutes. After which there is room for discussion, feedback and exchange.

Send as a short email with a sample of the work that you would like to show (or a link to it), to till 25.08. and we’ll reserve you a spot!!

Show & Tell participants

Saturday, 28. August 2021

15:00h – 15:20hRachel Jablo
15:25h – 15:45hJana Dillo
15:50h – 16:10hAnnette Golaz
16:15h – 16:35hUrsel Barwinski
16:40 h– 17:00hmartt
17:05h – 17:25hHajnal Szolga

Sunday , 29. August 2021

11:00h – 11:20hAnika Luisa Henkemeier – Arts meet Education
11:25h – 11:45hOttavio Sellitti
11:50 h– 12:10hLuca Bendandi – Vetro Editions
12:15h – 12:35hIan Wainaina – HalideClub

Where? At the B.L.O. Kantine!