PW23 main group exhibition – REVELATION

Ria Wank. Nicolas Reinhart. Wetzel + Schuster. Yuliya Kohal. Emma Backer. Lenny Steinhauer. Michael Borowski. Nils Aksnes. Anya Tsaruk. Tobias Becker. Beatrice Schuett Moumdjian.

Vernissage: 02. June 19:00, Herrfurthplatz 14

The exhibition team made their final decision and selected 12 positions for the upcoming group exhibition: REVELATION, which will be shown at the main venue of PhotoWeekend23, 02.-04. June.

Through personal narratives, archive research or the creation of fantasized worlds, or simply by putting in the forefront the photographic process itself, the selected artists address the multidimensionality of the concept and invite the audience to experience these revelatory moments. The techniques at work are as multifaceted as analogue photography itself, reaching from classic documentary projects to experimental photography and the inclusion of AI tools.

Curated by: Clara Stein, Claire Ducresson-Boët, Enrique Freaza, Julia Hofmann, Marlene Klages