Instructor: Sabine Alex
Date / Time: Sunday 04.06.2023 at 10am-3pm •
Location: Mobile Duka •
Number of participants: max 3 (age 16+) •
Cost p.person: 150€ / 120€* •

Photo paper has a light-sensitive layer – the emulsion. In this workshop you will learn how to bring the emulsion to an absorbent carrier material and use it like photographic paper after drying. Photographic images will be created on wood, cardboard and fabric. The attractive thing is the interaction of the graphic character of the photograph and the structure and color of the carrier material.

Biennale für aktuelle Fotografie 2017 | Mobile Dunkelkammer | FOTO. Lys Y. Seng

(*) Reduction is possible for the severely disabled, pupils, vocational school students, students, trainees, pensioners, the unemployed, BFDler and FKJler

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