Reflektor – Instant/Fading

Reflektor, Weisestrasse 27. Reflektor Neukölln is a collective of artists, creatives and neighbors. The collective’s works are based in the field of performance art and social sculpture. The exhibition Instant/Fading is curated by Daniel Wetzel, photographer and member of Reflektor and Thomas Ming-Hui Stanka from the analogueNOW! Team.

Daniel Wetzel

Instant/Fading presents the works of three photographers and artists working with instant photography. Antonia Gruber, Kyriakos Tarassidis and Daniel Wetzel.

Though sharing a common base material – instant film – the outcome, concepts and images conveyed by these artists, truly represent the medium’s diversity. A common theme of vulnerability and fluidity of images, identities and moments, is what draws these three positions together.

Kyriakos Tarassidis, emulsion lift

Antonia Gruber, HOLAROID

Saturday 3. June 20:00 – 24:00
curator talk and emulsion lift demonstration

Opening hours, Fr-Sun: 14:00 to 19:00

Join us for an evening in the gallery and discover the magic of polaroid lifts live. Drinks and good talks await you.