Analoger Fotostammstisch #15: DDR-Wanderkino

After the long break is analogueNOW!’s Analoger Fotostammtisch finally back! Let’s got the movies! Come with us to experience the uniqueness of a Wanderkino from the GDR! True film on a true 35mm copy, for a truly analogue evening!

What is the “Analoger Foto-Stammtisch”?
“Analoger Foto-Stammtisch” is a meet-up for analogue photographers and interested people. Are you fascinated by analogue photography, do you want to learn more about it and would like to connect with other analogue photography lovers? – “Analoger Foto-Stammtisch” makes it possible!
With changing topics and activities such as show&tells, photo walks, workshops, visits to photography exhibitions, lectures and presentation, “Analoger Fotostammtisch” is dedicated to everything on analogue photography.
Organized by analogueNOW! – the festival of analogue photography in Berlin – a new space of exchange for analogue photography enthusiasts in Berlin will be created, where they can meet like-minded people, exchange ideas and thereby build a network of analogue photography lovers, photographers and other sympathizers.

BLO-Ateliers – Kaskelstraße 55, 10317 Berlin –

Who can come?
Every analogue lover, photographer and every interested is warmly invited!

“Analoger Foto-Stammtisch” is held once a month. Admission based on a small donation.