Keith Bar- Gil Corujeira

Keith Bar, Schillerpromenade 2
Keith Bar is a place that makes feel home and welcomed right away. The candle lit bar room is the perfect place to go after a photo shoot on Tempelhofer Feld, come here with your friends or make new ones.

Gil Corujeira, Mármore

The work depicts the moment right after impact, the dizziness and loss of balance. The few seconds of re-assessment. The split-second interval to react is now undermined by a clouded judgment and, as the pain sinks down, the mind is telling you to run. The work is not meant to be taken literally but as a metaphor for every conflict, challenge or threat we go through. The title Mármore (Marble) brings the idea of the uncut gem, the raw, rough element that needs to be carved and chiselled to be of any worth.