Brauhaus Neulich – mjuboys

Brauhaus Neulich, Selchower Str. 20. A brewery, a Bar and so much more! With a packed program of art exhibitions, beer pong tournaments, parties and dumplings, Neulich will become your new home.
TIPP: Check out Filmriss, a photowalk group with regular meetups in Neulich, for digital and analog photographers.

mjuboys #8 zine release and expo

the analog photo collective mjuboys came about in 2017 when Hannes and Stefan realized they both shot a ton of 35mm on their olympus mjus but rarely used the images they created in their daily lives. 

made by @hannesmarianmeier and @smthngtormmbr

Traveling for work and connecting with people through photography there already was a big archive ready to be curated and put together into a zine. At an unpredictable rhythm they have released several zines and will release the latests iteration mjuboys #8 at PhotoWeekend23 – Saturday 3. June from 18:00 in Neulich! The exhibition will be on display from 02. to 25. June.

the release has always been a very important part of the creation of the zine. So please feel very invited to make this a special one. 

this is a community event. Come and bring your friends.