180° Café – Weiße Rose

180° Café, Oderstraße 52
With monthly art exhibitions and artistic crafted and delicious pastries, cakes and pies, 180° Café is a must visit destination for foodies and art lovers.

The analogue photo group of the Weiße Rose Cultural Center has taken the theme “Slightly Out Of Focus” in 2021. As every year, the group participants have the opportunity to freely interpret the respective theme and create their own concept. Due to the restrictions in 2020-2022, the exhibition will now be shown a second time.

The photographers were inspired by a variety of sources, Robert Capa’s “Slightly Out Of Focus” was a major influence. Aswell as reflections from their own everyday lives, relationships and identities can be found in works of the photo group.

Deborah Kogan

With works by:
Elisa Cavaciocchi, Freya Gerz, Deborah Kogan, Fidelis Nonnenbroich, Tijana Mirjacic

Tijana Mirjacic

About the group:
„As the Weißen Rose Photography Group, we share not only a darkroom and photo lab, but also ideas and inspiration. Through our common passion, we are continuously expanding our knowledge of photographic techniques, film dev and printing. But we have also been able to share music and films with each other during our many evenings in the lab. Regular visits to vernissages and workshops are also part of our program. Since 2023 we now have our own studio in the same building, which completes the photography process from taking pictures to developing and darkroom printing.

If you are interested in analogue photography and everything that goes with it, you are welcome to join our weekly group meetings.

You can reach us via email: fotogruppe@die-weisse-rose.de We look forward to seeing you! (Contact persons: Deborah Kogan and Freya Gerz)