Black & White Film Development

Fri | Oct 13th 2017 | 1pm-4pm
> fully booked <

Sat | Oct 14th 2017 | 1pm-4pm
> fully booked <

Discover the world of black and white film development in the darkroom. Along with 5 other participants you will learn how to develop a B&W film, following every step of the process: developing, watering, drying and archiving. Experience the magic moment when you take your self-developed film out of the developer tank to find out how your images look. Learn the tricks of the darkroom under professional guidance. After this workshop you can take a further workshop on B&W printing to take the next step. Please bring an exposed B&W film (such as Ilford HP5, FP4, Kodak Tri-X 400, Kodak T-Max 100 and 400, APX 100 and 400, Fomapan 100, 200, 400, Adox Silvermax, etc.)

You don’t have an exposed film at home? No problem – Just take part in one of our festival’s photowalks and learn how to
expose B&W film on your own.

Price: 35 €, red. 32€

Participation limit: 4

Registration via e-mail to Sabine (s.alex(at)