Black and White Printing

Fri | Oct 13th 2017 | 5pm-8pm
> fully booked <

Sat | Oct 14th 2017 | 5pm-8pm
> fully booked <

Discover the world of black and white photo printing in the darkroom. Along with 5 other participants you learn how to print a B&W positive using negative photopaper, how to develop it and how to dry it. Experience the magic moment, when the image appears while swimming slowly in the developer tray. Learn the tricks of the darkroom work under professional guidance. Please bring B&W-negatives of 35mm or medium format. You have no negatives of your own? No problem. Just take part in one of our festival photowalks and learn how expose B&W film on your own. During the subsequent workshop on B&W film development after the photowalk, you can directly learn how to develop the film yourself.

Price: 50 €, red. 45€

Participation limit: 4

Registration via e-mail to Sabine (s.alex(at)